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Gardening with Native Plants
Chart of Perennials List Plants by Common Name
The chart gives brief information on flowering plants native to Connecticut that make good garden plants. None of them is particularly difficult to grow; many are quite easy. Terms and symbols are explained below.

Don't take plants from the wild!
Nursery-propagated plants are available for every species listed on this page. There is no reason to despoil wild areas by removing plants. Statement on collecting plants.
Name flower
height sun soil
Actaea pachypoda
doll's eyes (photo)
white   May-Jun 2-3' avg, moist 3-9
Actaea rubra
red baneberry (photo)
white   May-Jun 2' avg, moist 3-8
Agastache scrophulariifolia
purple giant hyssop (photo)
purple   Jul-Sep 3-4' dry, avg 4-9
Anaphalis margaritacea
pearly everlasting (photo)
white   Jul-Sep 2' dry, avg 4-8
Anemone quinquefolia
wood anemone (photo)
white   Apr-Jun 6" moist 3-8
Anemonella thalictroides
rue anemone (photo)
pale pink
  Mar-May 6" moist
not very acidic
Antennaria plantaginifolia
plantain pussy-toes (photo)
white   Apr-Jun 3-12" dry, avg, moist 3-9
Aquilegia canadensis
wild red columbine (photo)
red   Apr-Jul 1-2' avg, moist
not very acidic
Aralia nudicaulis
wild sarsaparilla (photo)
white   Jul 1' dry, avg, moist 4-7
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
bearberry (photo)
white, pink   May-Jul 4" dry, avg 2-6
Arisaema dracontium
green dragon (photo)
green   May-Jun 2' avg, moist 4-9
Arisaema triphyllum
jack-in-the-pulpit (photo)
green   Apr-Jun 1-2' avg, moist 3-9
Asclepias incarnata
swamp milkweed (photo)
pink   Jun-Aug 3-5' moist, very wet 3-9
Asclepias purpurascens
purple milkweed
  Jun-Jul 2-3' dry, avg, moist 3-9
Asclepias tuberosa
butterfly weed (photo)
orange   Jun-Sep 2-3' dry, avg 3-9
Aster cordifolius
blue wood aster (photo)
blue   Aug-Oct 2-4' dry, avg, moist 3-9
Aster divaricatus
white wood aster (photo)
white   Jul-Oct 1-2' dry, avg 4-8
Aster ericoides
heath aster (photo)
white   Jul-Oct 2-3' dry, avg 5-8
Aster laevis
smooth aster (photo)
blue-purple   Aug-Oct 2-3' dry, avg, moist 4-8
Aster lateriflorus
calico aster (photo)
white   Aug-Oct 2-4' avg, moist 4-8
Aster linariifolius
stiff aster (photo)
purple   Sep-Oct 1-2' dry, avg 4-8
Aster novae-angliae
New England aster (photo)
purple   Aug-Oct 3-5' avg, moist 3-9
Aster novi-belgii
New York aster (photo)
purple   Jul-Oct 3' avg, moist 3-9

Name flower
height sun soil
Baptisia australis
blue false indigo (photo)
blue   May-Jun 3-5' dry, avg 3-9
Blephilia ciliata
downy wood-mint
blue-purple   Jun-Aug 2' dry, avg 4-7
Caltha palustris
marsh marigold (photo)
yellow   Apr-Jun 1' moist, very wet 2-7
Campanula rotundifolia
harebell (photo)
blue   Jun-Sep 1' dry, avg, moist 3-7
Chamaelirium luteum
fairy wand
white   May-Jul 1' moist 3-8
Chelone glabra
turtlehead (photo)
pale pink
  Jul-Sep 2-3' moist, wet
good in clay
Chrysopsis falcata
sickle-leaved golden aster (photo)
yellow   Jul-Sep 6-12" dry
good in sand
Cimicifuga racemosa
black cohosh (photo)
white   Jun-Sep 4-6' moist 3-9
Claytonia caroliniana
Carolina spring beauty (photo)
pale pink   Mar-May 6" moist 4-9
Claytonia virginica
spring beauty (photo)
pale pink   Mar-May 5" moist 4-9
Clintonia borealis
yellow clintonia (photo)
yellow   May-Jul 1' moist
Coptis trifoliata
goldthread (photo)
white   May-Jul 3" moist
Dentaria diphylla
toothwort (photo)
white   Apr-Jun 8" moist, wet 2-8
Dicentra canadensis
squirrel corn (photo)
pale pink
  Apr-May 6" moist 3-8
Dicentra cucullaria
dutchman's breeches (photo)
white   Apr-May 8" moist 3-8
Erigeron philadelphicus
common fleabane (photo)
pink   Apr-Jul 6-30" avg 2-7
Erigeron pulchellus
robin-plantain (photo)
  Apr-Jun 6-20" avg 4-8
Eupatorium fistulosum
hollow Joe-Pye-weed (photo)
pink   Jul-Sep 3-8' moist 3-8
Eupatorium maculatum
spotted Joe-Pye-weed (photo)
pink   Jul-Sep 3-6' avg, moist 3-7
Eupatorium perfoliatum
boneset (photo)
white   Jul-Oct 3-4' avg, moist 3-9
Eupatorium purpureum
sweet Joe-Pye-weed
pink   Jul-Sep 3-7' avg 3-9
Eupatorium rugosum
white snakeroot (photo)
white   Jul-Oct 3-4' avg 4-9
Gaultheria procumbens
wintergreen (photo)
pale pink,
  Jul-Aug 4-6" dry, avg
Gentiana andrewsii
closed gentian
blue   Aug-Oct 1-2' moist, wet 3-9
Gentiana clausa
bottle gentian (photo)
blue   Aug-Oct 1-2' moist, wet 3-9
Geranium maculatum
wild geranium (photo)
lavender   Apr-Jun 1-2' avg, moist 3-9
Helenium autumnale
sneezeweed (photo)
yellow   Aug-Nov 3-5' avg, moist 4-8
Helianthus decapetalus
thin-leaved sunflower (photo)
yellow   Aug-Oct 4-5' moist 5-8
Helianthus strumosus
pale-leaved sunflower
yellow   Jul-Sep 3-6' dry, avg 4-9
Hepatica acutiloba
sharp-lobed hepatica
  Mar-Apr 6" dry, avg, moist 3-8
Hepatica americana
round-lobed hepatica (photo)
  Mar-May 6" dry, avg, moist 3-8
Hibiscus palustris
swamp rose-mallow (photo)
pink   Aug-Sep 6' moist, wet 4-9
Houstonia caerulea
bluets (photo)
pale blue   Apr-Jul 4" dry, avg, moist 3-8
Houstonia longifolia
long-leaf bluets (photo)
  Jun-Sep 8" dry
well drained
Hypoxis hirsuta
yellow stargrass (photo)
yellow   May-Aug 6" dry, avg 4-8

Name flower
height sun soil
Iris prismatica
slender blue flag iris (photo)
blue-purple   May-Jul 1-2' moist, very wet
Iris versicolor
larger blue flag iris (photo)
blue-purple   May-Jul 2-4' moist, very wet 3-9
Liatris scariosa
eastern blazing-star (photo)
  Aug-Sep 2-3' dry, avg 4-9
Lilium canadensis
Canada lily (photo)
orange   Jul-Aug 5-8' moist
well drained acidic
Lilium philadelphicum
wood lily (photo)
red-orange   Jun-Jul 1-3' dry, avg, moist
well drained
Lilium superbum
American Turk's-cap lily (photo)
orange   Jul-Aug 4-8' moist 4-8
Linnaea borealis
twinflower (photo)
pale pink   Jun-Aug 3" avg, moist
Lobelia cardinalis
cardinal flower (photo)
red   Jul-Sep 3' moist, very wet 3-9
Lobelia siphilitica
lobelia, great (photo)
blue-purple   Aug-Sep 2-3' moist, very wet 3-9
Lupinus perennis
wild blue lupine (photo)
blue-purple   Apr-Jul 2' dry, avg
well drained acidic
Lysimachia ciliata
fringed loosestrife (photo)
yellow   Jun-Aug 4' moist 3-9
Maianthemum canadense
may lily (photo)
white   May-Jul 6" dry, avg, moist 3-8
Maianthemum racemosum
Solomon's plume (photo)
white   May-Jul 2-3' dry, avg, moist 4-8
Maianthemum stellatum
starry Solomon's plume (photo)
white   May-Aug 1-2' avg, moist 4-8
Mimulus ringens
Allegheny monkey flower (photo)
purple   Jun-Sep 2-3' wet 3-8
Mitchella repens
partridgeberry (photo)
white   Jun-Jul 2" avg, moist 3-9
Monarda fistulosa
wild bee-balm (photo)
  Jul-Aug 3' dry, avg 3-9
Monarda punctata
bee-balm, spotted (photo)
pink and
  Jul-Oct 2' dry, avg, moist
well drained
Oenothera fruticosa
sundrops (photo)
yellow   Jun-Aug 1-3' dry, avg 4-9
Oenothera perennis
sundrops (photo)
yellow   Jun-Aug 5-8" dry, avg 5-8
Opuntia humifusa
prickly-pear (photo)
yellow   Jun-Aug 6-12" very dry, dry
Penstemon digitalis
foxglove beardtongue (photo)
white   May-Jul 2-4' avg 2-8
Penstemon hirsutus
hairy beardtongue (photo)
pale purple,
  Jun-Jul 2' dry, avg
well drained
Phlox divaricata
wild blue phlox (photo)
  Apr-Jun 1' avg, moist 3-8
Phlox maculata
meadow phlox
pink   May-Sep 1.5-3' moist 5-8
Phlox pilosa
prairie phlox
pink   May-Jun 1-2' dry, avg, moist 4-9
Podophyllum peltatum
mayapple (photo)
white   Apr-Jun 1' dry, avg, moist 4-9
Polygonatum biflorum
Solomon's-seal (photo)
greenish   Apr-Jun 1-6' avg, moist 4-8
Potentilla tridentata
three-toothed cinquefoil (photo)
white   Jun-Aug 3-8" avg
well drained acidic
Pycnanthemum incanum
hoary mountain-mint
pale purple
  Jul-Sep 3' dry, avg 4-9
Pycnanthemum virginianum
Virginia mountain-mint (photo)
pink, white   Jul-Sep 2.5' dry, avg 4-8

Name flower
height sun soil
Rhexia virginica
meadow beauty (photo)
pink   Jul-Sep 12-18" moist, wet 4-8
Rudbeckia laciniata
green-headed coneflower (photo)
yellow   Jul-Sep 4-8' avg, moist 3-9
Sabatia dodecandra
large marsh-pink
pink   Jul-Aug 1-2' moist, wet 5-9
Sanguinaria canadensis
bloodroot (photo)
white   Mar-May 6" avg, moist 3-8
Sanguisorba canadensis
Canadian burnet (photo)
white   Jul-Oct 2-6' moist, wet 3-8
Senecio aureus
golden ragwort (photo)
yellow   May-Jul 2' avg, moist, wet 4-7
Senna hebecarpa
wild senna (photo)
yellow   Jul-Aug 4-6' avg, moist 4-8
Silene caroliniana
wild pink (photo)
pink   Apr-Jun 6" dry, avg 4-8
Silene stellata
starry campion (photo)
white   Jul-Sep 2' dry, avg, moist 4-9
Sisyrinchium angustifolium
blue-eyed grass (photo)
blue   May-Jul 1.5' avg, moist 4-8
Solidago caesia
bluestem goldenrod (photo)
yellow   Aug-Oct 2-3' dry, avg 3-9
Solidago flexicaulis
zigzag goldenrod (photo)
yellow   Jul-Oct 3' avg, moist 3-9
Solidago nemoralis
gray goldenrod (photo)
yellow   Jul-Nov 1-2' dry, avg 3-8
Solidago odora
sweet goldenrod
yellow   Jul-Sep 2-4' dry, avg 3-9
Solidago patula
rough-leaved goldenrod (photo)
yellow   Aug-Oct 5-6' moist, wet 4-8
Solidago sempervirens
seaside goldenrod (photo)
yellow   Aug-Nov 2-6' avg
poor, sandy soil
Tephrosia virginiana
goat's rue (photo)
pink and
  May-Aug 1-2' dry, avg 4-9
Thalictrum dasycarpum
purple meadow rue
white   May-Jul 3-6' moist, wet 4-9
Thalictrum dioicum
early meadow rue (photo)
greenish   Apr-May 2' moist 4-9
Thalictrum pubescens
tall meadow rue (photo)
white   Jul-Sep 4-7' moist, wet 3-9
Tiarella cordifolia
foamflower (photo)
white   Apr-May 8-12" avg, moist 3-8
Tradescantia virginiana
Virginia spiderwort (photo)
purple   Apr-Jul 1-2' moist 3-9
Trientalis borealis
starflower (photo)
white   May-Jun 6" dry, avg, moist 3-7
Trollius laxus var. laxus
globeflower (photo)
  Apr-Jun 10-20" moist, wet
Uvularia grandiflora
large-flowered bellwort (photo)
yellow   Apr-Jun 1.5-2' moist
neutral pH
Uvularia perfoliata
perfoliate bellwort (photo)
yellow   May-Jun 1.5' moist 3-7
Uvularia sessilifolia
sessile bellwort (photo)
yellow   May-Jun 6-12" avg, moist 4-8
Vaccinium vitis-idaea
lignonberry (photo)
pink, white   Jun-Jul 3-6" avg, moist 2-6
Veratrum viride
false hellebore (photo)
green   May-Jul 3-6' moist, wet 3-8
Verbena hastata
blue vervain (photo)
blue-purple   Jul-Sep 3-5' moist, wet 3-8
Vernonia noveboracensis
New York ironweed (photo)
purple   Aug-Oct 4-7' moist 4-9
Veronicastrum virginicum
culver's root (photo)
pink, white   Jun-Sep 3-7' moist 3-9
Viola blanda
sweet white violet (photo)
white   Apr-May 6" moist 3-8
Viola canadensis
Canada violet (photo)
white   Apr-May 1' moist 3-8
Viola cucullata
marsh blue violet (photo)
purple   Apr-Jun 8" moist, wet 4-8
Viola pedata
birdfoot violet (photo)
purple   Apr-Jun 4-6" avg 3-9
Viola pubescens
downy yellow violet (photo)
yellow   Apr-May 1' moist
well drained
Viola sagittata
arrowleaf violet (photo)
purple   Apr-May 5" dry, avg, moist 3-9
Waldsteinia fragarioides
barren strawberry (photo)
yellow   Apr-Jun 4-8" dry, avg, moist 4-9
Zizia aptera
heart-leaf alexanders (photo)
yellow   Apr-Jun 1-2' avg, moist 4-9
Zizia aurea
golden alexanders (photo)
yellow   Apr-Jun 1-2' moist 3-9

Notes on Garden Conditions

Flower color:
The table aims to provide simple and accurate descriptions of flower colors, but both flower color and people's definition of terms differ. The patches of color in the table are intended to make it easier to find flowers of a given color; they are only rough approximations of individual flower colors.

Heights are given in feet ( ' ) and inches ( " ). To convert to meters, multiply feet by 0.3 or inches by 0.025.

full sun Full sun -- more than five hours of direct sun per day.
part shade Part shade -- two to five hours of direct sun, or all-day dappled sun, as from sunlight shining through open trees.
full shade Full shade -- less than two hours of direct sun per day.

Soil conditions:
"Avg." soil means average level of moisture found in our area. "Dry," here, means soil that dries fairly quickly after a rain, or soil dried out by shallow tree roots -- not desert conditions. Note that plants capable of growing in sun or shade prefer more moisture in full sun, less in shade. If a plants has requirement for soil texture and soil pH, they are noted. If you are unsure about your soil, a soil test will provide this information. Connecticut residents can get free soil testing from the
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

Hardiness zones:
These describe the plant's tolerance of winter cold. Here is one site where you can look up your hardiness zone. Connecticut is in zones 5 and 6; all plants listed are hardy throughout Connecticut.

Sources of information on this page.

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